Dr Roxaan Jappie

BMedSci BMBS FRCA Aesthetic Practitioner


Dr Roxaan Jappie is a trained aesthetic doctor specialising in non-surgical techniques, including anti-wrinkle injections (Botox®), dermal and lip fillers. Her background is as a consultant anaesthetist, skilled in aseptic techniques, fine use of needles, caring for patients undergoing all types of surgery, as well as critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit. She qualified from Nottingham Medical School in 2007 and is based North London.

"I offer a range of treatments and am highly experienced in the administration of medical beauty treatments, with natural and pleasing results.  For bookings I can provide a free mobile service within London zones 1 and 2."

Treatments and Prices

Anti-wrinkle Injections (Bocouture®) From £100

Areas treated are:

- Frown lines (between eyebrows)

- Forehead creases (when eyebrows raised)

- Around the eyes ("crows-feet")


- One area £180

- Two areas £210

- Three areas £240

- "Lip Flip" (reducing gummy smile and thinning of upper lip when smiling) £100

Dermal Fillers (Belotero®) From £150

Dermal fillers are used for treating volume loss in the mid and lower face, smoothing lines and wrinkles, firming the face, lifting and contouring. 

Belotero Balance with local anaesthetic 1ml syringe


- For nasolabial (smile) lines, deeper wrinkles around face, chin and lips, loss of cheek and jaw volume. (1ml is usually enough for 1 treatment).

Belotero Balance with local anaesthetic 0.5ml syringe


Lip Filler (Belotero®) From £150

Belotero Balance with local anaesthetic 1ml syringe


- For a fuller appearance of the upper and lower lips, improving the cupids bow appearance and filling out a thin upper lip. (1ml is usually enough for initial treatment, building up on subsequent appointments if desired).

Belotero Balance with local anaesthetic 0.5ml syringe (subtle effect).


Profhilo Hyaluronic Acid Treatment From £300

"Profhilo is not a filler but an incredibly effective remodelling injectable for smoothing and tightening the skin. It stimulates collagen production naturally and provides a deep long-lasting hydration giving the skin a glowing natural look. It really is a game-changer!"

Profhilo is a revolutionary treatment targeting skin laxity and loss of collagen and plumpness of the skin. Target areas are the cheeks, jowls, chin, around the mouth and the neck. For best results, it is recommended to have at least 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

Profhilo facial hyaluronic acid ; one treatment £300

Treatment for Hyperhydrosis of Axillae (excessively sweating armpits) (Bocouture®)

Effects last between 4 and 6 months


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All these beauty treatments are subject to possible side effects including but not limited to: bleeding, infection, bruising, swelling, allergic reaction, uneveness, redness and eye droop. 

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